About The Classic Car Network

Who are we?

The Classic Car Network was created by a group of Classic Car enthusiasts for lovers of Classic Cars.

Why are we doing this?

The motivation for creating the service is simple - we found the process of both buying and selling Classic Cars to be time-consuming and problematic.

The problem is that when you come to sell your cherished classic car, no matter how hard you try you are never going to reach the best people to buy your car. You may find plenty of people through classified and auction web sites that are willing to make you an offer for it if they think they are getting a good deal, but it never really seems you are reaching good quality enthusiasts for your make and model. Sometimes it is simply timing or perhaps the best purchasers are too busy to travel to see your car.

Similarly, when it comes to buying a car, its so hard to find good examples that fit your criteria. How many journeys have been wasted only to find the car does not have the correct engine, the paintwork actually is bubbly or it simply does not match what was described to you. These wasted journeys cost time and money and leave us frustrated.

In addition to solving these problems, our service is completely confidential. Confidential sales help to preserve the value of a car by keeping it off the open market place.

What are the goals of The Classic Car Network?

Quite simply to make buying and selling your classic or vintage car as painless as possible with the best outcome for both parties. We firmly believe we can do this better than any other venue for buying and selling classic cars.

How do we achieve our goals?

Read in detail why our service works so well for our clients.